Is Any Ford Raptor Worth $130,000?

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Ford Raptor

Would you pay double the original MSRP for any version of the Ford Raptor, no matter how special it may be?

As it stands, the Ford Raptor isn’t exactly what most folks would call cheap. With a base price of over $50k and the near certainty of options and dealer markups, Ford’s fantastic off-road machine is already out of the reach of most. But this is a special vehicle, built for a certain handful of people. It isn’t the mass production machine that the F-150 is, nor designed to appeal to everyone.

Of course for some, money is no object. More important is the desire to either stand out from the crowd or own the very best machine money can buy. For them, tuners like Hennessey, Roush, and Shelby sell exactly that. Through the aftermarket, folks with the means can buy a seriously fast, seriously capable Ford Raptor. But of course, that comes at a (huge) price.

Ford Raptor

With all of the insane dealer markups on the Ford Raptor we’ve seen, you can forgive FTE member BIGKEN for mistaking a Shelby Baja Raptor for a regular one in a recent dealer ad. But the post he started here in the forums started an excellent discussion surrounding value. After all, the original MSRP of the Ford Raptor in question came in at $68,165. The Shelby package nearly doubles that figure, commanding $129,988.

So essentially, would you rather have two new Raptors, or one Shelby Raptor? Even if owning either is a pipe dream, it’s still a fascinating question. For most, it’s a simple proposition. Things like this are awesome, if not obtainable.

Ford Raptor

“More money than I can fork over for sure,” admits Pocket. “But there’s people out there that want them and are willing to pay.”

“Nothing I would afford if I could afford it,” says CR172.

“Nothing I can afford, but I bet that runs faster than a fresh ****ed fox out of a forest fire!” remarks VTBulldog.

Ford Raptor

And while most have a hard time justifying the price, some feel like it’s reasonable by comparison.

“I saw a Shelby F-150 for $96,000 when I was in Austin, but the Shelby Raptor is a completely different beast,” said Wiggums. “If the Raptor costs $30,000 more than the F-150, then it sounds logical for the Shelby Raptor to cost $130,000 or above.”

So far, it seems like most agree that even though this special Ford Raptor is out of reach, it’s still pretty awesome. But we want to know what you think! Is any Raptor worth $130,000? Or have we officially reached the point of insanity when options nearly equal the original cost of the truck? Head over here and sound off!

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