1968 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Is One Smooth Operator

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1968 Ford F-250

Stylish 1968 Ford F-250 will make you want to wear your finest attire, grab a fancy drink, and punch criminals in the face.

Some trucks’ characters hit you in the face with their huge tires, loud paint jobs, and watermelon-sized exhaust pipes. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, many folks like to show off that kind of stuff. But, you don’t have to drive an extroverted ride to get noticed, as this smooth 1968 Ford F-250 crew cab shows.

1968 Ford F-250

We spotted this vintage Ford for sale at Iowa-based Jensen Dealerships, and we were quickly won over. Aside from the fact that a classic crew cab is a unique candidate for this kind of build, it also sports a one-of-a-kind look. The former heavy-duty hauler sits low on a set of Boss wheels thanks to a Fat Man front end, and a 4-link rear suspension. The two-tone paint looks fantastic over a smoothed out body, yet much of the chrome was left intact.

1968 Ford F-250

You won’t find any vinyl benches or rubber floor mats inside, either. Instead, you’ll notice custom buckets in the front and rear with a full console in between them. Thankfully, this isn’t a full-on custom interior as the original dash and gauges remain intact. Lastly, the tall shifter gives this 1968 Ford a bit of flair, in addition to the two-tone dash and wood-grain steering wheel.

1968 Ford F-250

Most folks in the restoration scene might think there’s a modern motor resting under the hood, but they ought to think again. A proper Ford 460 V8 pumps out plenty of horsepower, plus it looks fantastic with a color-matched block and chrome dressings.

When it comes to modern amenities, 4-wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, and power steering, help this hefty machine be comfortable and reliable. For us, it’s enough to make us don our finest black suit and grab a martini. Shaken, of course, just the way James Bond likes it.

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