The Truckin’ Fastest Ford F-150 Ever!

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This video features what I believe could be the Truckin’ Fastest Ford F-150 I have ever seen. This F-150 has been built by Ida Automotive specifically for the purpose of attacking the Bonneville Salt Flats in an effort to go over 200 miles per hour with a full size pickup truck.

Fittingly, the team has named this high performance half ton Ford truck “Frightning” as a play on words from the F-150 Lightning (which wasn’t offered in this body style, but whatever – a 204 mph truck is awesome regardless of the name).

I’m not sure on all of the drivetrain details for this 200+ mpg Ford F-150, but you can see in the preview segment of the video that this twin turbo setup is not built around one of the newer modular dual overhead cam engines, so it isn’t an engine that came in any modern F-150.

However, the video assures us that it is built using mostly Ford parts so with the help of a twin turbocharged Ford V8, this big F-150 is able to reach a top speed at Bonneville of 204 mph.

Best of all, they made this great video with footage from both inside and outside of the F-150 to capture the amazing run so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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