Nothing Sells Ford Trucks Like Dropping One From Above

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1978 ford f series ad 600

This week’s Throwback video turns back the clock to 1978, when Ford took interesting approaches to show off how tough the new F Series was back then.

Most importantly, they drop the truck at the beginning of the commercial and while we can’t really tell how far the Ford F Series pickup falls – it looks like it doesn’t drop more than 8 or 10 feet.

You could probably drop a 1929 Ford that far without any real problem shy of maybe the tires blowing, but this is likely what would have been a “wow demo” back in 1978.

After the 1978 Ford truck falls from the sky, the team removes the straps and we get to see it drive away while the voiceover guy talks about the super smooth ride.

It should be noted that it sure seems to be bouncing an awful lot, but back in 1978, that very well may have been the best that you could hope for in a full size truck like the Ford F Series back in the day.

We also get to learn about some new F Series features like the new tilt steering wheel, the new Lariat cab and the integrated CB radio.

The quality of the video isn’t great, but I cant get enough of these old Ford truck commercials. Enjoy!

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