F-250 Blackens Ugly Honda in a “Coal-De-Sac”

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black f250 rolls coal 600

This week’s Black Friday video features a Ford F-250 pickup that is very clearly powered by a PowerStroke diesel engine with some work done to it that includes an exhaust system and some fuel management goodies that allow it to roll some serious coal.

This truck appears to be parked against the side of a neighborhood cul-de-sac and over the course of the 48 second video, this F-250 has no problems basically blocking the road leading in with smoke.

About 20 seconds in, a black Honda Accord rolls behind the F-250 as tries to avoid the smoke as the Ford Super Duty owner keeps pouring soot even though the girl filming the exhibition of diesel smoke yells for the driver to stop.

I wouldn’t have stopped either…especially if I had a chance to use my worked F-250 roll coal on an ugly little Honda. The Ford continues rolling coal until almost the end of the video and it sounds great the whole time so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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