Truckin’ Fast Stock Ford Explorer Sport Runs 14s

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explorer sport 1477

Within the last decade, there have been V8 performance cars that would struggle to get into the 14 second quarter mile range and to this day, 14s is an optimistic goal for some sport compact owners.

However, everyone out there who drives a newer Ford Explorer Sport has an SUV that will run into the mid 14s without any work.

In our newest Truckin’ Fast video feature, we have one of those new EcoBoost’d Explorer Sport models racing on the quarter mile with a Mazda Miata. This Explorer is totally stock and it even has some extra weight inside, but it still gets down the track much faster than the little Japanese sports car – running a 14.77 at 94 miles per hour.

The notes also point out that the best run by this turbocharged Explorer Sport is a 14.69, so there is no question that everyone out there with one of these SUVs has a solid mid-14 second vehicle.

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