THROWBACK VIDEO Old Ford F-150 Gets Squeaky Clean

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bikini truck wash

This week’s Throwback video features a piece that was upload in 2014, showing an older Ford F-150 pickup in what is either the best or the worst bikini car wash ever. We don’t know anything about this Ford F-150 and really, much of the video is shot zoomed in enough that we cant see much more than the hood, the windshield and the roof, but that is what makes this video so impressive.

The two lovely bikini clad hunnies spend the entire time washing the hood, roof and windshield while they frolic on the hood and roof – leading to what is surely a terrible job of washing the truck. They probably left watermarks all over the truck where the soap dried during their antics.


On the other hand, I would happily let them wash my truck, especially if it came away with the same unique patterns on the hood and windshield as this F-150.

The background music isn’t necessary to enjoy this video of the old F-150 getting washed, so make sure that the boss isn’t around and enjoy!

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