Throwback Thursday: Bigfoot #1 Crushes Its First Car

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In the motorsports world, there are few trucks more recognizable than the Ford F Series beast known as Bigfoot. While Bob Chandler’s original Bigfoot #1 has launched a million dollar sport in which many of the monster trucks don’t actually look like any production truck sold in America, Bob’s early monster trucks were based directly on normal production Ford pickups. For Throwback Thursday, we look at Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot #1 as he drove up over a car for the very first time.

While this video was posted online in 2009, the Bigfoot #1 Ford truck crushed its first junk car way back in 1981. When this video was recorded, there was no such thing as a monster truck or monster truck rallies and – honestly – the idea of driving a truck over a car to crush it for an applauding crowd likely hadn’t even cross anyone’s mind.

This simple one minute video showing a massively modified 1979 Ford F Series pickup driving over some old cars was meant to be a basic stunt for Chandler’s monster truck but once a motorsports promoter saw this video, the monster truck world was launched.

In short, Throwback Thursday here on brings you a look at the video that literally invented the sport of monster trucks as we know it today and thanks to Bob Chandler – this first monster truck car crushing was performed by a Ford truck.

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