A Truck Load of Potential: A Classic 1975 Ford F-100 Build

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1975 Ford F-100 Build

Not all builds are clean. In fact, some are quite messy and take a lot of kicking, prodding, sifting, and head-scratching in order to get right. Some start out simple and complacent, and others are… not so nice.

Member usuallybowtie ended up with the latter with this 1975 Ford F-100. Though Chevy trucks are his normal pursuit, we ought to forgive him since he has up and joined the Ford community and took on a potential-filled truck like this.


He received this truck in a bargain with a friend, who found himself trying to sell the Ford after his brother’s passing. He was told it only needed “some body work” and for the “rebuilt engine” to be installed the rest of the way. It was, according to the friend, a 390 engine with a four speed manual transmission.


Thankfully, usuallybowtie only had to pay scrapyard price for the truck, since it certainly needed more than “body work” and the engine was a 360 rather than a 390, and had certainly not been rebuilt. Even so, the frame and body were straight and the truck had lots of potential, so he stuck with it.


Despite having two small daughters and a busy life, he’s been moving quite fast and has been quite successful with the build. He’s aiming for a semi-stock restoration, and is certainly doing well so far.

Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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