Muddy Monday: 1979 Ford Mud Truck Roars Through the Slop

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79 ford mud truck 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature brings you a quick clip of a 1979 Ford truck that has obviously been very heavily modified to race through the mud, storming through some deep, thick mud with what looks to be the greatest of ease.

After this truck sits idle for the first forty seconds of the video, this jacked up ’79 Ford creeps down into the mud and you have to wonder if this video is going to be worth the minute of your life.

Fortunately, once the big Ford truck hits the level portion of the mud pit, he cranks into the throttle and tears through the muck in a big hurry – storming up and out of the mud on the other side as he makes it look very easy.

Of course, this truck sounds as wicked as it looks to make sure to have your speakers cranked up to hear this big bad Ford truck roar!

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