Hump Day Jump: Ford Explorer Jumps On a Monster Truck Track With Monkeys

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Ford Explorer Jump

It takes some guts to go out on a monster truck track with a tony, plain-looking Ford Explorer with a line of massive, beast-like trucks watching from the side and contemplating squishing you into the dirt.

It takes guts to do that, but it takes an amazing sense of humor to do it with inflatable monkeys as your passengers! In the video, we see him drive out and take several jumps with a stride, and he is met with quite a bit of excited applause — then again, who wouldn’t be excited about this little guy taking the center stage and having some fun?

However, you can tell as he gets a little too excited on his last jump and plants his nose into the ground. But hey, it’s a Ford, so life goes on like it never even happened!

Watch the video (in HD!) below and laugh for a while at the guy who got to be the class clown on the monster truck track. Smile and wave at the grinning monkeys, and be glad that you own a Ford!

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