THROWBACK VIDEO 1994 Ford Explorer is a Smaller SUV with Big Interior Space

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1994 explorer interior

Back in 1994, vehicles like the Ford Explorer were looking to differentiate themselves from the larger, truck-based SUVs of the 1980s while showing off that they still offered big interior space. The 1994 Explorer offered more interior space than any other vehicle in the class and this week’s Throwback Thursday brings about a commercial from 1994 talking up the Explorer’s sprawling cabin.

The video starts off with the 1994 Ford Explorer covered in mud with the guy talking about the popular SUV sitting in the driver’s seat. As it starts to rain, the camera view hops inside and the windows go up, while the driver walks us through the interior of the Explorer from front to rear.

Right as he finishes talking about the spacious cabin of the original generation Explorer, the rain stops and the guy gets out – miraculously, the rain has washed the SUV clean, allowing us to see how nice that Explorer looked when clean.


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