THIS OLD AD A New Ford Super Beast From Brazil

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According to my source, this Brazilian Ford F-100 is from a 1980s sales brochure. These particular fifth generation F-100s where assembled in São Paulo, Brazil from 1971 up until 1992.

It sure seems like Brazil is the place to go to if you need to hunt for some old Ford body parts. But don’t go looking for engine parts since this version only came with a 2300 Pinto motor. Maybe it’s best to check out the beaches of Rio de Janerio instead.

The Brazilian advertising copy roughly translates to  “NEW SUPER BEAST. LIMITED EDITION TO THOSE WHO HAVE GOOD TASTE.” “Pense” means “think” in Portuguese, so the rest of the copy says, “THINK TOUGH, THINK FORD” And who can argue with that?

Ford Brasil was founded in 1919 and imported the first Model Ts from the U.S. to South America in a build it yourself kit.

UPDATED: Translation updated thanks to forum member Encho. Also, Diego Torres of Brazil says via Facebook that the copy translates to “Think strong think Ford” and that the F-Series was also available with a 272 V8 for 20 years or so. Thanks!

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Photo courtesy of John Lloyd via Flickr.

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