BUILDUP A Father & Son’s 1955 Ford F-100 Journey

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It’s not uncommon for a car or truck enthusiast to take their son or daughter aside and teach them the ropes of building a glorious machine. In fact, this is where many mechanics and automotive enthusiasts are actually born — in the garage with a few tools, a vehicle to be fixed, and the voice of a parent instructing them on how to do what needs to be done.

After all, no one is born with this knowledge. Ford truck enthusiast gfw1985 is now leading his youngest son on the journey of restoring a 1955 Ford F-100. And despite the rough looks of the thing, it will certainly be well worth it when complete!

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The truck cost $350 with a title and matching VIN. The rig has been sitting out in the woods since 1972. Though all the wheels were locked (making it quite a chore to lug the thing into the garage), the frame is rust free and the truck is a wonderful starting point. The goal for the build is for it to be simple and old school. Nothing fancy, but awesome all the same.

So far everything has been stripped off the frame. Parts will be bought and added as gfw1985’s oldest son comes up with the money. This has the potential to be a truly wonderful build. Go drop by the build thread and show your support!

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