BLACK FRIDAY 1996 F-350 PowerStroke Shows Us How to Roll Coal

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rollin coal f350 600

As part of our new weekly Black Friday segment, we bring you a video of a 1996 Ford F-350 packing an obviously modified PowerStroke diesel that aims to show us how to roll coal.

There are tons of videos of diesel powered F-350 pickups floating around the internet with these trucks pulling, racing, doing burnouts and exercising the dyno – but today’s video shows this F-350 rolling coal simply for the sake of rolling coal…not that there is anything wrong with that.

It takes this big 96 Ford some time to get the truck smoking, but once the soot begins to flow out from under the truck – this F-350 puts on one heck of a smoke show. After a solid minute of rolling coal, the driver backs out of the throttle but only after the truck was practically engulfed in diesel smoke.

The video ends with a quick panning shot that shows how well filled the farm has been with the soot from this big, bad F-350 PowerStroke pickup.

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