The Power of the 2016 Ford Focus RS Might Surprise You

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Ford Focus RS 1

Ford has been producing high-performance RS models for decades. Like any good and logical car company, it’s made the 2016 version of the Focus RS the most powerful one yet – but not just compared to other RS-badged vehicles.

Yes, the 350-horsepower hot hatch packs more of a punch than its 2009 predecessor. Yes, its top speed of 165 mph also makes it faster than the last-generation Focus RS. According to Ford UK, those impressive numbers – and a 0-62 mph time of 4.7 seconds – are made possible by “a new, more responsive low-inertia turbocharger, much bigger intercooler, less restrictive intake design, and a large-bore high performance exhaust.”

However, what’s most surprising is the new RS is more powerful than the mid-range pony in the Mustang stable, the 310-horsepower EcoBoost model. That’s even true in terms of torque; the RS has a 30-pound-feet edge over the ‘Stang, which cranks out 320 units of twist.

Learn more about the newest RS and its amped-up ancestors by clicking the FordSocial UK link below.

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