The Cars Marvel and DC Superheroes Would Drive in the Real(-ish) World

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Talk about an epic mash-up. carwow has made the worlds of cars and comics collide by imagining what certain Marvel and DC superheroes – from Deadpool to Wonder Woman – would drive in (somewhat) real life.

The Photoshop jobs carwow cranked out are (clearly) color-keyed to the characters they represent. For instance, look at the Iron-Man-themed maroon and gold Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is covered in green and features purple fenders – perfect for the Hulk.


Many of these cyber one-offs include features that their costume-wearing drivers would find useful. Take a look at the BMW M2 meant for Batman. Its bat-inspired kidney grilles up front and pointy fins out back are designed to tell baddies who’s coming for them. It has bat ninja stars in its front bumper and “a side-mounted grappling hook for comically tight turns.”


Captain America’s Shelby GT350R Mustang has doors made out of the same durable vibranium steel alloy that makes up his trusty shield.


The Superman-issue Bugatti Chiron is almost as fast as him and has a navigation system that automatically directs him to the nearest phone booth so Clark Kent can transform into the Man of Steel. If anyone were to see him in the blue, red, and yellow $1+ million hypercar before the costume change, the veteran reporter would have to come up with one hell of a cover story. However, even with glasses on, the son of Krypton still has super powers, so he’d probably figure something out.


What do you all think of these renderings? Do the cars fit their respective heroes? Do they make you want to fly out your front door and see “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”?

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