Is a Ford Focus Allroad in the Production Pipeline?

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Rumors out of Europe have it that Ford is evaluating the mass-production of an “Allroad” style Focus.

Actually, the rumor is that an Allroad trim could be fit to the current Ford lineup of coupes, sedans and hatchbacks as small as the Ford Fiesta. Now how cool would that be? An all-wheel drive Focus or Fiesta with higher ride-height, bolder body and rugged accessories… Yes please!

The rumor emerged once again after being dormant for years, when Ford Europe’s COO, Barb Samardzich, told Automotive News Europe: “We see a big growth area in vehicles that are a bit rugged. They are not SUVs but they still have a more active look to them.” Though he also mentioned, “Put some black cladding in the right places, a roof-rack and you could get it looking a lot more active,” which isn’t entirely true, but also not a complete lie.


With hot vehicles like the Fiesta and Focus ST already being adored in the tuner world, just imagine what an Allroad version could bring to the table!

Which would you want to see transformed?

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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