Truckin’ Fast Ford Excursion Mud Truck Goes Drag Racing

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excursion on 49s drag race

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video takes a slightly different approach, showing a Ford Excursion which has clearly been built for playing in the mud as it makes a run down the quarter mile. This huge SUV weighs more than 9,000 lbs. and is fitted with 49-inch mud tires. Even if the vehicle has steep gears, the 49-inch tires effectively kill the drag strip performance.

As a result, this Excursion doesn’t get down the drag strip all that quickly, but rather than watching for the extreme speed – watch this video for the sheer enjoyment of seeing a gigantic mud truck lumbering down the quarter mile. Ultimately, this video shows why we don’t see more high riding mud trucks showing up to race at the drag strip…especially with 49-inch tires.

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