Take Your Harvest to the Market in an F-350 Custom Cab

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1965 Ford F-350

Well-used 1965 F-350 Custom Cab has some rust here and there, and the 352 V8 idles rough, but it’s still ready to work on the farm.

While crops like winter wheat, mustard, and onions are being planted as we speak, most of the summer and autumn crops have been harvested and are on their way to the market now. Some farms still deliver their annual harvests in old farm trucks, wearing more than a few scuffs and scars on their bodies and wood beds.

The other day, we found such a truck for sale in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Member Marketplace, one we’d like to share with you.

1965 Ford F-350 Custom Cab Model (standard cab), dually, flat bed

1965 Ford F-350

This teal and white 1965 F-350 Custom Cab hails from Bremerton, Washington, located a ferry ride away to the west from Seattle, and is currently owned by forum member Mid-Engine F1TT.

1965 Ford F-350

“In average condition for the year,” the seller says, adding the cab has “rust on lower cab corners, some in bottom of doors.” The 352 V8 under the F-350’s big hood “runs and drives, idles rough,” and once made 208 horses and 310 lb-ft of torque in its day, all of it sent to the rear dually axle via its manual transmission.

1965 Ford F-350

The wood bed in the back has lots of room for bales of hay, bushels of apples for cider and pies, a few live turkeys and chickens for cooking, and sacks upon sacks of grain for breads, beers, and feedstock for the animals. And with the trailer hitch, the F-350 can pull a trailer with more goods for delivery to the market.

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