Customized F-350 King Ranch is Ready for Action

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Custom Ford F-350 from Reddit Rear

Big wheels, King Ranch bedside lettering and lots of black trim make for one wicked F-350 tow truck.

While many people who have never needed a truck for work will insist that the capabilities of the modern Ford F-350 Super Duty are excessive and for daily drivers, that might be true. However, the functionality of the Super Duty pickups has allowed consumers the option of having a daily-driven truck that can also do serious work. Thanks to trucks like the Ford F-350, someone who works for a towing service doesn’t need a heavy duty, purpose-built tow truck for work in addition to a daily-driven pickup and this truck shared on Reddit is a fine example of that advantage.

The Introduction

This Ford F-350 is owned by Redditor “ThirteenTowing” and he recently shared the rear angle image above, proclaiming that he “finally got the perfect shot”. While some people might insist that it isn’t perfect, there is no question that this is a cool picture of the modified Super Duty.

In most cases, a tightly-cropped image like this one doesn’t reveal much about the vehicle, but part of what makes this picture so cool is that it reveals so much about the F-350. We can see the front wheel and the rear tire, showing the custom rollers, the aggressive rubber and the widened stance of this truck. We can also see the tinted taillights, the tinted corner markers, the tinted rear glass and the unique King Ranch lettering on the bedsides.

Reddit Ford F-350 Super Duty Side Wide

The Community Approves

After the initial image was posted, showing the rear corner of this F-350, several other Redditors applauded the look, focusing on the King Ranch lettering.

The first was “mcgibbop”:
“That’s bad ass! Really cool looking logo on the side.”

Overslope” was the next:
“Oh man. Looks awesome. I got a dually. I’m gonna try this angle.”

Finally, “natedog93” asked for a full picture of the truck and the OP complied, sharing the side-view image shown here. As you can see, this work-ready tow truck has a custom front bumper, contact information for the towing service, custom clear light lenses on the roof, dark-tinted windows and gobs of black trim from top to bottom.

While this is a great looking custom Ford F-350 that we would all be happy to drive, it is also a tow truck, combining work and play into one badass pickup.

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