Rebuilt 292 Y-Block Comes with a Fascinating Tale of Woe

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1964 Ford 292 Y-Block

Originally rebuilt for a 1964 F-100, 292 Y-Block is ready to go into a new project with included transmission and correct paint.

Our Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace has everything you could ever want, from completed projects to the final piece of the puzzle for your project. A few of the listings offer a story or two about the part or project, and why they’re selling the piece.

Some of those listings, like this one we found a while back, have some sad stories behind them. Yet, the show must go on, and the sale could lead to some much needed closure for the seller.

Freshly rebuilt 1964 292 yblock

1964 Ford 292 Y-Block

Currently owned by forum member fakirone, this 1964 292 Y-Block was “professionally build by a well know[n] shop in Rome Georgia” for a 1964 F-100. Alas, things didn’t go as hoped.

“I have freshly rebuilt 292 that I had done for my ’64 F100,” the seller says. “Life turned to crap, divorce and all that, so I wound up selling the truck so now I have the motor sitting there.”

1964 Ford 292 Y-Block

1964 was the final year for the 292 and for Y-Blocks overall in the United States. The block made 170 horses when new, an output likely available in this rebuild, which also has a transmission and a bucket of the correct paint color, in case the red doesn’t sit well with the next owner.

Though the story behind this Y-Block is sad, whoever buys the engine for their Ford will be doing more than completing a project; they will help the seller bring some much-needed closure.

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