Barn-find ’54 Ford F-250 Build Pays Tribute to Grandpa

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1954 Ford F-250

Memories of riding in Grandpa’s Ford F-250 motivated this FTE member to save an old truck from certain extinction.

It’s a story that most of us are quite familiar with. A man has fond memories of taking rides in Grandpa’s truck when he was a kid. Once the man gets older and has the means to do so, he begins thinking about buying a truck just like Grandpa’s. And that’s the simple yet compelling motivation that led FTE member jeff54f250 to purchase a 1954 Ford F-250 he found sitting on a farm. Even better, he was keen to share his story (and his progress) with us right here in the forums.

“Several years ago I was going through some old family pics and found some of my Grandpa’s 1954 Ford F-250. I remember riding in it when I was pretty little. Seeing those sparked an interest and I thought, why not own one?

I had been looking for the right one for over 5 years and finally found it a few months ago, in my home state of Iowa! I am not really a car guy, but am pretty mechanical. Plus, I’ve got some friends that are car guys, so that helps. I didn’t want one that needed a lot of body work, and I didn’t want a sparkly shiny one either.”

1954 Ford F-250

The original plans for this old Ford rebuild were pretty simple. But as the OP began tearing into his find, those plans quickly changed.

“My original plan was to get it running and driving and leave the body alone. I’d like to keep it as stock as possible, within reason. I started tearing into it, and before I knew it the entire front end was off. And now I am tearing the bed off. Planning on pulling the cab. And then blasting the cab and powder coating it.

I am still debating what to do with the exterior finish. I’d like to pound out most of the dents and slow down the rust as much as possible. I’ve had some people tell me to matte clear it. I will have to do some experimenting. The wiring needs replaced, so I will probably convert to 12 volts while I am doing it.”

1954 Ford F-250

Hilariously enough, the OP found a steel beer can and shotgun shell in the cab. Talk about a real deal farm truck! He then proceeded to remove the home built wooden stake bed, degrease the engine, and attempt to get it unstuck. When that didn’t work, he moved on to removing both the bed and the engine.

1954 Ford F-250

When the engine teardown began, it quickly became evident that the original 239 might be a lost cause. But the OP was able to track down a rebuilt 292, which allowed him to move on to fixing the rot on this old Ford body. The next order of business was cleaning up and painting the frame, which turned out fantastic.

1954 Ford F-250

And that’s where this cool Ford F-250 project sits as of now. But judging by how fast things are moving along, we believe the OP will be done sooner than later. So be sure and head over here to keep up and watch this old school tribute to Grandpa come to life!

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