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Roush Performance Debuts 600-HP Supercharger for 2018 F-150

Roush Performance and Ford Performance team up to offer V8 enthusiasts a heck of a high-performance package!

  Comments | By - November 27, 2017

460 Windsor Proves There’s No Replacement for Displacement

460 Windsor

When in doubt, just build the biggest small block you possibly can.

  Comments | By - May 1, 2017

See the Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires in Full Action!

Whether you drive a tricked-out Ford Super Duty, F-150, or even a Ranger, your suspension and engine muds will only carry you so far through the hostile elements. The rest is up to your tires.

  Comments | By - November 10, 2016

The 2017 Super Duty is Freakin’ Quick Towing a Trailer

No, you don’t buy a Super Duty based on how fast it goes from 0-60 mph hauling a trailer, but that doesn’t mean the new Super Duty is a slouch.

  Comments | By - November 7, 2016

Would a 2017 Raptor V8 Engine Swap Be Something You Consider?

If there was a V8 engine swap available for the new Raptor, or could be done easily, would you do it?

  Comments | By - October 28, 2016

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