The Super Snake has a Hell of a Bite

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In 1965 a Shelby Cobra, VIN number CSX 3015, was shipped to Europe for a promotional tour as a competition roadster.

Then, when the job was finished, the car was shipped back to the States. Carrol Shelby himself then ordered his group of gasoline swilling monkeys to throw not one, but two Paxton superchargers onto the car. Because it’s ‘Murica!


Well, after that, the car became known as the Super Snake and developed a bit of a reputation. One person bought the car and immediately sold it after it scared the living hell out of him after the first test drive. Then another owner crashed it into the Pacific. It’s a long and storied history this car has.


Now, another Super Snake just went up for auction at this month’s Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, Arizona event. And boy did it pull in a hell of a price.

After all was said and done, the new owner forked over $5.5 million for Super Snake, and bought a genuine piece of history. Let’s just hope he doesn’t crash it into the ocean or a bus any time soon.

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