Super Duty Passenger Wrangles Runaway Horse on Texas Highway!

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Thanks to a viral video, we now know of another amazing feat that Ford trucks are capable of accomplishing.

As we already know, Ford trucks are good for just about anything. They tow, they haul, they swaddle you in luxurious comfort and traverse virtually any terrain. But if there’s one thing we didn’t know Ford trucks were good at, it’s wrangling loose horses. And yet, thanks to a quick-thinking Texas motorist, we now know via a viral video featured on the U.K.’s Daily Mail that the Super Duty is pretty good at that, too.

We’ll assume the horse was lost, or maybe it was just on the way to grab some lunch from Whataburger. Regardless, it soon found itself trotting down a busy Houston highway, which isn’t a good thing for the horse or other drivers. Thankfully, a passenger in a white Ford Super Duty is able to reach out the window and grab the horse’s reins. Another alert motorist helped box the horse in.

The Super Duty driver then slowed down and pulled off to the side as the horse followed. In another video posted over at Daily Mail, we get to see the rescue attempt from another vehicle’s perspective. The driver of that vehicle slows down to allow the Ford truck to pull in front of him and guide the horse to safety. After the assist, he comments: “They just saved that horse’s life.”

Just another day in the life of a Ford truck owner, we suppose. And just further proof that our favorite Blue Oval pickups can indeed do anything, and do it well. So, the next time you spot a loose farm animal on the freeway, rest assured that your pickup is fully capable of playing the part of ranch hand.

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