U13 Bronco: Best Non-Restored Roadster in Existence?

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U13 Bronco

Most Bronco roadsters are either fully restored or completely destroyed. But this one is alarmingly original.

Fans of the first gen Bronco already know that no model built in the iconic ‘utes history is as rare or desirable as the U13 Bronco. Produced in scant numbers compared to the remainder of the lineup, even fewer roadsters remain in existence today. And most of those have already been restored to better than new condition. So in a day and age when originality really means something, where do you turn?

Well, you turn to this – perhaps the best non-restored U13 Bronco in the country, which we spotted recently on eBay. Or, at least, that’s what the seller claims it is. But who are we to argue? Heck, even the original factory top is still there, a rarity given its reputation for shrinking or just simply falling apart over the years. And it even has the optional dealer-installed fabric doors in lieu of the typical fiberglass pieces.

U13 Bronco

The only real victims of this very original U13 Bronco are the seats, which have obviously given up after years in the New Mexico sun. But the rest of the truck is alarmingly nice and rust free. Only 28,000 miles show on the odometer, which is probably why. The seller also reports that the original 170 inline-six starts and runs.

U13 Bronco

Despite all of these appealing factors, this U13 Bronco failed to meet its reserve with a bid just shy of $23k. The truth is, despite their incredible rarity and our current state of Bronco mania, roadster Broncos just don’t pull the money their brethren do. Perhaps it’s because they only really make for great warm weather cruisers. Maybe people get annoyed by those flappy fabric doors. Regardless, the U13 Bronco is obviously an underappreciated slice of Ford history that deserves a little more credit.

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