Throwback Thursday: Super Bowl Ad Introduces Tailgate Step

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If you want to really spread the word about a new and awesome feature, there’s only one way to do it — a Super Bowl commercial.

The Ford Super Duty was the first truck to integrate a folding step system into the tailgate, a feature most of us have grown to love by now. While other automakers have added cutout portions of the rear bumper to make it easier to climb into the bed, Ford was the first (and still the only) automaker to feature a retractable step which stores inside the tailgate.

If you own a newer Ford F-Series pickup, you’re likely familiar with the tailgate step. If you don’t, this video by mikelevine presents a good look at how it works. The step itself folds neatly inside the tailgate, and as you pull the top of the tailgate away from the rest of the assembly, it drops down near the ground to create a convenient step. Additionally, there is a hand-hold of sorts that extends out with the step, giving you something to hold onto when climbing into the bed.

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It is a great feature, and it makes the bed of the entire F-Series lineup more accessible. Prior to introducing this technology in the 2008 Ford F-250 and F-350, the automaker showed it off during a Super Bowl ad in 2007.


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