It Looks Like Ford Is Already Selling 3D-Printed Cars

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Because sometimes you just want a really nerdy version of a Hot Wheels.

Ford is diving even deeper into the wild and futuristic world of 3D printing. Initially they announced they were testing large scale 3D printing for factory use, and now they have entire 3D-printed cars for sale. Scaled model cars, that is. Don’t get too excited there.

They are available on a new site dedicated to 3D technologies,, where you can order a printed 3D model of the Raptor, Focus RS, Focus ST, Fiesta ST, or the all-new Ford GT. If you have your own printer, Ford will sell you the .STL file so you can print your own model at home. Currently Ford is charging $39 for each printed model, or you can buy the file to print it yourself for a fiver. The only exception is the Ford GT, which the limited-edition preprinted model sells for $230.

The models are sized at four-inches in length, making them about 25-percent larger than a traditional Hot Wheels die-cast, but a decent 3D print software will allow you to scale that down or up as you see fit. If you buy direct from Ford, the model will come in a solid white PLA plastic, making them easy to sand and paint as you see fit.


In another odd twist, Ford is also selling 3D digital renders of their cars. If you’re an aspiring digital artist or game maker who wants to add a genuine Ford car to your creation, you can find those files for sale on the same website.

We’re planning on buying and printing a model ourselves to see what the quality is. Why don’t you help us decide which model to print. We have a poll below with the four models currently available from Ford. Make your choice, and in a week or so we will buy the top choice and print one out. Come back later to see what the print looks like, and what kind of quality we get out of it!

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