Ford Truck Does a Burnout on a PT Cruiser – ‘Murica

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You want badass? You’re going to get pure, unadulterated, American badass.

We can honestly say that we haven’t seen anything more ‘Murica than this. The Cleetus and Cars at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida features drag racing, a destruction derby, and monster trucks all taking place at once. That leaves us wondering: when’s the next one?

YouTuber Cleetus McFarland labels this “the most ‘Murican event you’ve ever been to!” Well, let’s see what it needs to be the most ‘Murican event ever: a live bald eagle, check. Drag racing, check. Demolition derby, check. Burnout contest, check. Monster trucks, check. American flags, check. Doin’ it for Dale, oh you better believe it. Yep, mission accomplished.

Despite the entire show being pretty awesome, the video saves the best for last. To finish things off, a lifted F-250 Diesel monster truck rolls up to crush several cars, including a silly Chrysler PT Cruiser. After not being able to climb on top of it, it just does a massive burnout instead.

Watch and enjoy!

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