Smooth 1940 Ford Truck Is Looking for a New Garage

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With an eye-searing paint job, old-school wheels, and a lovely body shape, all this Ford truck needs is some good luvin’.

Ford truck enthusiasts tend to be a little unforgiving when it comes to off-brand engine swaps — and for good reason. Somewhere along the line, decades ago, people decided that placing small-block Chevy engines in classic Ford street rods was a good idea. Mostly because they were cheap and plentiful, but we’ve reached a day and age when Ford power is nearly as easy and affordable to obtain. So, it’s time we put this disastrous trend to bed, for good!

1940 Ford Truck

Like they say in those sad commercials…you can help! But we won’t lie to you, it’s not going to cost pennies a day. Just look at the sad face on this otherwise beautiful 1940 pickup truck, though. It needs your help! Mostly because this build is very well done, except for one minor detail: it has a Chevy 400 under the hood, as well as a GM-sourced 700R4 transmission. We think that’s a crying shame.

1940 Ford Truck

Outside of that, this sleek truck shown by Vanguard Motor Sales is a well-executed street rod build. The unique green and silver two-tone paint job certainly stands out, and everything underneath is steel, save for a set of fiberglass rear fenders. Staggered 14″ and 15″ wire wheels give it more of a nostalgic feel, although the smoothed out body is quite modern. Plus, the interior mimics exotic art, swaddled in Ostrich skin and matching paint.

It’s pretty much everything you could want in an attention-grabbing old-school/new-school build. Except for that blasphemous drivetrain, of course. All this poor Ford needs is a new, kind-hearted owner with the means to swap in a 302 Ford, or a Flathead, or even a nasty, blown 460. If you’re that savior, let us know because we’ll be sure and give you the hero treatment for saving this forsaken Ford!

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