Should Ford Build a Super Duty to Rival the Ram Power Wagon?

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Power Wagon

The Power Wagon has a profitable market all to itself. But how does it stack up to a Ford when it comes to rock-crawling and and hill-climbing?

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the best half-ton performance truck in the world, and it has held that title for quite some time.  When it comes to three-quarter-ton pickups the Ram 2500 Power Wagon worldwide leader of off-road minded, heavy-duty pickup trucks. The Raptor could easily beat the Power Wagon in every head-to-head competition, especially when it comes to speed and agility. That being said, the story quickly changes when it comes to deep mud, rock-crawling, and hill-climbing.

That leads us to our newest Question of the Week: Do you think that Ford should build a Super Duty-based competitor to the Ram Power Wagon?

What would this new truck entail? Imagine similar features to the Power Wagon: Off-road shocks, locking front and rear differentials, electronic disconnecting sway bars, a built-in winch in the front bumper, 17-inch wheels with off-road tires, and an elaborate underbody skidplate system to keep everything safe when slaying trails.

To keep overall weight down, this off-road ready Ford would feature the 6.2L gasoline engine with 385 horsepower and 430lb-ft of torque, instead of a Power Stroke diesel. To draw some attention to the badass package, it would feature unique body bits like wheel flares and other Raptor-like upgrades to the hood and grille.

Ford Super Duty

The result would be a Ford Super Duty with more heavy-duty working abilities than the current F-150 Raptor, plus a worthy competitor to the Ram 2500 Power Wagon. Also, an off-road minded Super Duty would allow Ford to challenge Ram’s claim of having the best three-quarter-ton off-road truck in America, and we all know how much automakers love that stuff.

Who says “Yes, please?”

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Photos: Jerry Perez; Ford

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