Hottest Ford Trucks of the Week! (Photos)

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In honor of recent Ranger sightings, we bring you the hottest ‘little’ Ford pickups we could find!

It wasn’t long ago that we showed you a video of two Ford Ranger test mules doing high altitude testing in Colorado. To commemorate the awesome sighting, and the return of the midsize pickup, we’ve looked high and low for the hottest Rangers on Instagram this week.

Because it doesn’t matter how hard we try to cover the entire Ford truck universe, we know that we will always miss some photos or Instagram accounts. So, if you have a sweet feed, or know of a cool personality/account we should check out, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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Uh, where did that Ranger go?!

Hmm…that camper looks a little odd.

Makes us think of Little Red Riding Hood.

Just because it’s midsize it doesn’t mean it can’t haul big.

It runs in the family!

Don’t call it ugly, they have feelings, too.

Well hello there, Ranger.

Now that’s awesome.


Our dream Ranger.

Ford Ranger, a doggy’s best friend.

And a horse’s, too apparently.

Digging the color.

A little modeling action.

A Ranger’s best look.

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Main photo via: [MS-RT]

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