Take Home a Clean, Powerful and Sleek 1969 Ford F-100!

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While some folks want their trucks to be fast or show quality, others simply want a cool ride they can cruise around in on the weekends. You know, a truck that has a clean look with nothing outrageous – no blazing paint job, no giant wheels, no boisterous exhaust note.


There’s nothing wrong with the logic, of course, and for those who prefer to ride around at speeds under 100 miles per hour, there are cool and sleek trucks like this 1969 F-100. The monochrome white paint job is clean and uniform, therefore highlighting the complete lack of bright work. It’s a major departureĀ from your average Ford truck of this vintage.

All of that whiteness sits on top of the always awesome Torq Thrust wheels, perhaps the most famous ever produced. The chrome trim rings are the only shiny bits on the entire truck, and they’re surrounded by some equally classic BF Goodrich T/A’s.


We call this a sleek cruiser because there’s (shockingly) no V8 power under the hood, only a 240 inline six. The torquey little motor has received a valve job, new gaskets, and a new exhaust manifold, but is otherwise all Ford.

With all of the V8 powered, chrome laden F-Series trucks out there, it’s actually kind of nice to see something a little bit different for once. This ’69 will make someone a great cruiser, and it’s still quite capable of hauling stuff if necessary. Sometimes you don’t have to be loud to make a statement!

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