Six Teens Survive Massive Crash and Prove Why F-150 is an IIHS ‘Top Safety Pick’

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Trucks are primarily built for work. Towing, hauling, tackling rough terrain, and sometimes even off-roading, but sometimes we forget that many of today’s trucks also double as family vehicles and daily drivers.

The current-generation F-150 is a capable, and also an extremely safe vehicle. In fact, it’s performed in a superior manner compared to Ram, Chevy and Toyota on government mandated crash tests, and it’s an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ‘Top Safety Pick.’

While often times we tend to throw such safety accolades in the back burner and focus on performance statistics, six Utah families are more than grateful for said safety capabilities. Earlier this week, six teens were involved in a massive rollover accident as they made their way to their High School’s homecoming. The truck slipped off the road and traveled down a steep hill, only to rollover and land upside down in a rocky creek some 50 ft. or so off the road.


While local police said that poor weather and road conditions were most likely to blame for the accident, there’s reason to believe the truck was traveling faster than the posted speed limit, though ruled out reckless driving.┬áThe teenage driver was ticketed for speeding, but it’s safe to say that him and his friends were most responsible than most, as every single occupant had their seat belts buckled. The driver himself, as well as parents and authorities, attribute the shocking absence of injuries to the fact that every one was wearing a seat belt.

While we love hearing about how capable and tough our favorite Ford trucks are, it’s heart-warming to hear that all of Ford’s engineering and aluminum usage also help keep families alive.

Buckle up!

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