The Dawn of the ‘4-Door’ Ford Trucks

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In the modern automotive market, it has become rather difficult to find a full-size truck in a 2-door or regular cab configuration. Something which used to be the complete opposite a couple of decades ago.

Back in 1998, Ford was the first automaker to offer a standard 4-door design on their trucks. The 1998 Ford F-150 and Ranger were each the first in their segment to come with the standard 4-door design, and while this video commercial by, Betamax King, talks about more than just the number of doors – that is the most interesting aspect of this retro commercial.

Considering that the vast majority of new trucks sold, ranging from the small foreign trucks to the full-size Ford F-150 and Ford F-450 Super Duty are equipped with 4-doors, it is strange to think that less than 20 years ago no one else offered such configuration.

As someone who has owned both a, regular cab and extended cab pickups, I can safely say that I am glad to have the rear doors and the extra space!

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