Rockin’ It: Ford Shows Off Strength of F-150’s Aluminum Bed

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A few months ago, Chevy got a lot of attention by showing how the steel bed of its Silverado 1500 stood up to a variety of abuses compared to the aluminum bed of the Ford F-150.

I found it a little odd that Ford released a video on Friday which showcases anything to do with its 2015 F-150, considering we’re already in the 2017 model year. However, when I thought of those Chevy commercials, it made sense. The video below, in which Ford shows a real-life case of its 2015 F-150’s bed standing up to the rigors of being used in a stone quarry, is a not-so-subtle retaliation against the bow tie bunch. In it, the F-150 is used to haul 100,000 pounds of basalt in one day. The stones are dropped into the bed with an excavator, then the truck is driven to a job site, where a smaller excavator scrapes the rocks out of the bed. All in all, the F-150 hauls 51 loads of the cooled chunks of lava.

The bed stands the test. Here’s the thing, though: It’s covered with a spray-in bed liner, which protects the underlying aluminum from a significant amount of abuse. Although the idea of using a truck without a bed liner at a stone quarry is a crazy one, it would be a truer test of how much the aluminum cargo box – by itself – can take. What do you think?

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