Sending a New F-250 Skyward in Less than a Minute

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Ford F-250 gets an elaborate suspension setup and huge wheels before hitting the road.

The truck seen above is featured in a cool new clip from the Salinas Photography YouTube channel. Salinas’ video features a high-speed look at transforming an average Ford F-250 into a high-riding showstopper. The video says that the custom King Ranch is built in two minutes, but the build actually only takes up about a minute while the rest is cruising footage of this big, beautiful Super Duty pickup.

The Build

The video begins with the 2018 Ford F-250 King Ranch up on the lift with what looks like stock wheels and likely stock suspension. The camera then pans across a workbench and a table that are covered with new, high-performance suspension and chassis components as well an assortment of new parts on the floor next to the table.

F-250 Parts on the Table

Next, the camera moves back to the truck, where a mechanic is removing the stock bits from the 2018 Ford F-250 including the wheels, suspension components and some chassis parts. The footage jumps ahead to the install, with the elaborate shock system being mounted up front and a multi-link setup up back.

F-250 Being Built

Those suspension and chassis changes lift the truck by 14 inches, making plenty of space for the gigantic 26-inch by 16-inch, black-and-chrome Specialty Forged wheels. The wheels come out of the box, they are wrapped in aggressive rubber and thanks to the magic of the internet, the build is complete!

On the Road

The final 100 seconds of the video show this transformed 2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty King Ranch out on the open road. We get a look at this beefed-up ¾-ton pickup from every angle, with rolling footage and still shots of the monster on the move.

Lifted Ford F-250 King Ranch

With all of these aftermarket suspension and chassis components, this F-250 would probably be a beast in the mud, but with the huge wheels, low-profile tires and gobs of chrome, the odds are good that this truck doesn’t seem much off-road action.

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