Stunning Ford F-250 FX4 Likely Doesn’t Do Much Off-Roading

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Ford F-250 has a massive suspension list and huge wheels, making for one slick show truck.

The beastly truck above is from the latest clip from the Salinas Photography YouTube channel and it is a late-model Ford F-250 that has been massively modified, making it considerably bigger than it was when it rolled off of the assembly line. While this truck features a host of upgrades that are popular among off-roaders, it is safe to say that this spotless Super Duty doesn’t spend much time in the mud.

The Custom Look

The actual aluminum sheet metal of this Ford F-250 appears to be original, but there isn’t much else on the outside of this Super Duty that would have come from the factory.

Ford F-250 Boss Grille

Up front, the stock grille is gone, taking the blue oval with it and replacing it with the words “Like a Boss” in a unique grille layout. The stock LED-trimmed headlights have been replaced with red-glowing units and the stock bumper has been scrapped to make room for an aggressive off-road bumper, complete with an array of LED lights.

From the side, the most eye-catching aspect of this F-250 is the wheel design, with gigantic red-and-chrome wheels wrapped in low-profile tires pushing this Super Duty up into the air.

Out back, there is another aftermarket off-road-ready bumper, a bright red painted trailer hitch receiver and some tinted taillights.

Custom Ford F-250 Side

The Custom Stance

While the huge wheels add some height to this Ford F-250, the big story here is the elaborate suspension setup. It appears that pretty much every aspect of the stock suspension setup has been removed and replaced with higher-performance components that add a ton of height to this truck. This includes a multi-damper system with reservoirs in the front and rear, almost all of which is either red or chrome, including the braided lines in the wheel wells.

Custom Ford F-250 Rear Suspension

Really, this F-250 has everything that you would want to add to a truck that you are going to take into deep mud or rough terrain, but considering how clean this truck is from top to bottom, it is safe to assume that it was built to turn heads more than fling mud. However, there is no question that it is a beauty.

Check out the full clip of this massive build on the Salinas Photography YouTube page.

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