Imagine Dragons Enlists Bigfoot to Drive a Ford Ranger in Hot New Video

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Fun clip with Norwegian DJ Kygo features Sasquatch as a creature with refined tastes, especially when it comes to Ford trucks. 

Any time you see a Ford truck in a music video, it’s usually a country star singing about muddy roads, drinking lots of beer, and getting down with a few denim darlings. Either that, or it’s about the truck itself. And we certainly appreciate that, a good Ford truck is worth singing about. But why should the hottest hit machines from Nashville have all the trucking fun?

Norwegian DJ Kygo recently collaborated with American pop rockers Imagine Dragons, resulting in the DJ’s latest Billboard Hot 100 entry, “Born to Be Yours.” No matter what you might think of the song, the video, featuring a Ford Ranger, will definitely stay in your mind.

The video for “Born to Be Yours” stars a sasquatch (who looks more like a Geico caveman than the Bigfoot we usually think of) commuting to his dreary office job in an awesome white Ranger, only to return to his wide-open forest home when the day is done.

Kygo Ford Ranger

One night, though, he spots the woman of his dreams through social media: An outdoorsy lass with a Royal Enfield motorcycle with sidecar combo who certainly knows how to live her best life on and offline. The two hit if off through the magic of technology, eventually arranging a time to meet in real life.

Kygo & Imagine Dragons Ford Ranger

Unfortunately for our Ranger-driving Sasquatch, his date takes him through hostile territory, where the only bigfoots allowed are monster blue ones. Everywhere he goes, he feels how unwanted his kind truly are, but as long as he has his Ranger, all is well. Until it gets worse.

Kygo Ford Ranger

Upon running out of gas, he has to abandon his white steed before he’s captured by hunters looking for a big reward. His journey does take him to his dream woman’s home eventually, but it becomes a nightmare upon being beaned in the head with a bat by the woman.

Kygo Ford Ranger

The Sasquatch wakes to find himself outside, his ankle chained to the ground. Luckily for him, he immediately finds a new love interest in a blonde lady Sasquatch locked in a cage. The brief flirting gives him the (literal) strength he needs to break free, then break his new love out. The love birds then escape by stealing the badass motorcycle with sidecar from the woman who brought them all together.

Hey, we’ve had worse online dating experiences.

We definitely believe more pop artists should embrace cool Ford trucks like Kygo and Imagine Dragons have. After all, Ford trucks are so ubiquitous, they should be represented in all kinds of music videos. Maybe Taylor Swift can revisit her country roots in an F-150 Limited on the streets of Manhattan?

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