Rollover Lesson at the Nürburgring

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When you decide to take a vehicle to a high-speed place like the Nürburgring in Germany, you usually don’t think to take a truck or SUV. We get to see two examples of those with one doing alright while the other, well, not so much.

Crashes at the Nürburgring are not that uncommon. Manufacturers test there and anything that is road legal can drive on the “ring”, even touring busses. It’s a public road that you pay a toll to drive as fast as you can on a legendary race track.

So, bravado and lack of skill can go hand in hand on the course. You’ll see that the very first few cars you see is actually a Ford F-150 Raptor and it impresses the locals as it drives by with a VW Golf passing on the inside.

Moment later we see a Honda CRV try the same corner and, unfortunately, doesn’t quite get the same result. Also, turn down your speakers a bit as the two Porsches in the beginning are quite loud and the audio stinks.

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Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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