MUDFEST 1968 Ford Mudstang Gets Trucked

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mudding 68 ford mustang 600

That isn’t a typo – this week’s Muddy video features what appears to be the body of a 1968 Ford Mustang mounted on a heavily modified Ford truck chassis.

With some obvious suspension modifications and a serious set of mud tires, this jacked up Ford Frankenstein vehicle creates what I like to call a Mudstang.

This video shows this Mustang bodied Ford truck in action with a 460 cubic inch big block tucked under the massive hood scoop roaring away as the beast rockets through the deep mud.

While this Ford Mudstang gets off to a great start when it first storms into the mud, it gets stuck when it gets out away from the camera.

After being pulled out by a 70s Ford F Series, the modified Mustang heads back into the mud to make short work of one more pit before disappearing into the distance.

The video ends with a quick clip of an F-150 with new front end getting muddy along with a 90s Ford Explorer also showing off its mud muscles. Crank up your speakers so that you can get the full effect of this big block four wheel drive Mustang!

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