BUILDUP 1949 Ford F1 Pickup

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1949 F1 Build

It’s a rare sight these days to see a first generation Ford pickup cruising down the highway or meandering through the city streets. With even the faintest sighting being highly unusual, it should come to no surprise that stumbling across a build for a 1949 Ford F1 pickup is certainly not common.

Taking on a ’49 pickup in one’s own garage simply isn’t easy — especially with a stock rebuild, such as the one that Ford truck enthusiast flatheadkeith has pursued over the last year.


Despite the huge endeavor of the F1 build, flatheadkeith is nearly done with the project. All that’s left now is for the front fenders to be painted and installed on the truck. Then this bumble-bee beauty will be powering down the road with its stock 239 Flathead V8 purring under the yellow hood.

This rebuild has been completed to stock specs, save that the factory gauges were replaced with Auto Meter Old Tyme gauges for reliability’s sake.


Flatheadkeith’s original goal was to complete the truck in one year since he bought it. Waiting on the front fenders to be completed made this process take a little while longer, but the end result will certainly be wonderful. Go check out flatheadkeith’s build thread and show your support!

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