Revived and Modernized: A Custom 1956 F-100 by Bodie Stroud

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Bodie Stroud's 1956 F-100

Bodie Stroud is a car guy. Well, he’s also a truck guy. Bodie Stroud is an automobile guy, plain and simple. He’s been working on cars since he was sixteen years old and has worked with everything from the Volkswagon microbus to high-powered muscle cars.

In 2007 he founded BS Industries (that’s “BS” for Bodie Stroud, not bullshit, if you all were wondering), which is a company that builds and designs customs and hot rods of all shapes and sizes. Stroud has been featured in both¬†Hot Rod Magazine and Popular Hot Rodding.

He has also made several appearances, such as the one we bring to you today where Stroud steps in front of the camera in “Car Cast with Adam Carolla” to take a look at one of BS Industries’ stunning builds: A 1956 F-100 with a whopping 630 horsepower!

Bodie Stroud's 1956 F-100

Under the hood of this marvelous Ford is a 5.0L Coyote engine and a 4R70E automatic transmission. Oh, and did we mention that it’s supercharged? The color is actually a unique shade by BS Industries (it’s¬†somewhere between burgundy and purple, but even they aren’t really sure what it ought to be called!). The rig has been furthered modernized with King Ranch gauges that, strangely, maintain a very authentic and ’50s style when you see them within the car.

Bodie Stroud's 1956 F-100

And you’ve gotta love the bed. The wood panels are high gloss and custom made. We’re sure that you could haul something in this old Ford, but we’re not sure you’d want to due to how beautiful it really is.

Bodie Stroud has customized many of these parts, including the chassis, and has truly made this truck one of a kind. Yet, through the entirety of their work they managed to keep the ride 100% Ford. You have to love the authenticity of this classic.

Bodie Stroud's 1956 F-100

Of course, there is so much more to this truck than we can tell you in a few short moments. What it comes down to, however, is that this is a flawless example of a revived and modernized 1956 Ford that leaves us checking our savings to see if we can pile together the pennies to make it work.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the truck itself and to hear the engine roar (it definitely sounds nice!). Also, check out the Bodie Stroud Industries website to see all the specs and an even wider array of pictures!

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