Ford Explorer Sails Across the Oceano Dunes!

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Ford Explorer Jumps at Oceano Dunes

The majority of people do not have the perk of being able to take their Ford trucks out to play on the sand dunes whenever they feel like it, and those who do seem to be very willing to share videos that make all of us jealous that show them jumping their rigs in a sea of perfect sand.

This video is definitely one that will make some on here pretty envious, but you have to admit it is a cool video. The clip shows a few guys taking their rigs out to play at Oceanco Dunes. These dunes are located at the only California state park that allows vehicles to be driven on the beach. Really, it’s just a big open playground for truck lovers.

The only truck we care about in this video is the clean, white Ford Explorer. The driver is taking the rig out for a spin about a Dana 44 conversion, and it seems to be doing quite well. Throughout the video it makes several large leaps and bounds, and seems pretty content flowing through the air. Really, though, who wouldn’t love to soar through the sky in their Ford?

Check out the video below and try not to be too jealous of the fun these guys are having. If you do live near some dunes, gloat at your own risk!

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