Ford Needs to Bring the Falcon Here Now!

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2015 Ford Falcon Ute

To us in the United States, the Australians get all the cool toys. One of those cool toys is the Ford Falcon. Specifically, we’re referring to the Ute version. In Australia, Utes are cars that have been converted to tool used for work by replacing the trunk and rear seats with a payload bed similar to that of a pickup truck.

A long time ago, we had the El Camino. We think Ford needs to bring the Falcon, or a different type of Ute, to the United States to sell now!

Trucks aren’t getting any cheaper. We covered this very topic and talked about why the Ranger makes sense in the United States. It’s also easy to configure a 2015 F-150 up to over $60,000, making it one of the most popular luxury vehicles in the country. People often buy a truck as their only vehicle.

A Falcon-style Ute would allow someone to have the experience of driving a car most of the time, but the payload capacity of a small truck when necessary. Since they aren’t as big as a full-size truck, and built on a car platform, the cost of such a vehicle should be less than than a full-size truck.

Ford Falcon Ute

Small trucks are also popular. The Chevrolet Colorado is selling well, and receiving awards and nominations. A Falcon Ute would fit into this segment. If we can’t have the Ranger, let’s have a Ute!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Ford is ending production of Utes.” You’d be correct. You probably also are wondering what platform would be used in the United States, since the Falcon is a rear-wheel drive platform.

The only rear-wheel drive platform currently in use is the Mustang’s. While a high-horsepower, rear-wheel drive Ute would be an enthusiast’s dream, a more practical Ute built from the next-generation Ford Taurus might make a lot of sense; especially since that’s an all-wheel drive capable platform. It doesn’t matter how they do it, it just matters that they do it!

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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