Recoil 3 Drops the Proverbial Mic

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Over the past few years, we’ve been treated to the automotive delights from the crew at Hoonigan. These have either been through the videos and content out of the Donut Shop, or through the absolutely ridiculous Gymkhana Series starring everyone’s favorite crazy person, Ken Block.

However, a few years ago, one other Hoonigan decided to make a video on the same scale as Block’s. His name is ‘Ballistic’ BJ Baldwin and the series we speak of is Recoil. Using Baldwin’s personal off-road trophy trucks, he’s been able to build the Recoil Series into the same level of hype and spectacle as Block’s.

In his latest installment, Baldwin takes things to a whole other level with not only including his brand new trophy truck, but also a 1,000cc RZR buggie from Polaris, and a Sasquatch that has a penchant for being a lady’s man. There’s jumps, burning of tires, and some fairly funny bits throughout the video. Check it out below.

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