Is Ford Planning a Hotter Focus RS?

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Not even yet on the market and the Ford Focus RS is already getting an even hotter version that then “standard” Focus RS. Right now, the Ford Focus RS sits right near the same 0-60 and horsepower figures of many of its rivals. The VW Golf R for instance, as well as the Mercedes CLA45AMG, and the Subaru STI. However, Ford doesn’t want it to sit with its rivals for very long.

According to Carscoops, Ford’s engineers are working on a Focus RS that would hit 60 miles per hour in just four seconds flat. In the report, the website claim Ford will achieve this with dramatic weight savings and increased horsepower.

We already know that the four-cylinder engine that resides in the Focus RS is good for quite a bit more power, but where is Ford going to lose the weight? The company is said to be aiming at reducing the Focus RS by a total of 220 lbs.

There’s still no official word yet, but if Ford does decide to go through with a hotter Focus RS, why would anyone buy the normal one?

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