F-150 Takes a Risky Leap of Faith: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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Driver of custom F-150 with flared body work & race-ready suspension tries to show off but instead proves that he’s no Evel Knievel.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Justin Stephens and it features a ’90s-era Ford F-150 that has been transformed into a prerunner pickup. In this video, the owner of this modified half-ton truck looks to show off his suspension setup, but he ends up learning that he has too much travel for jumping on pavement.

The Prerunner Build

As you likely know, the “prerunner” upgrade includes adding long-travel suspension components, flared wheel openings and huge tires essentially transforming a road truck into an off-road race truck. The combination of the suspension upgrades and the flared body bits allow the tires far more movement when blasting through an off-road race course, but these suspension systems are also designed to handle big jumps.

Unfortunately, it seems that this Ford F-150 prerunner has some more adjustments to make before it can safely soar over pavement.

90s F-150 prrerunner flying

The Flawed Jump

In the video above, the prerunner F-150 takes a run off of what appears to be an old loading dock, onto a paved parking lot. We watch as the driver carefully lines up for the jump, giving us a look at the interior view as the big Ford truck prepares for flight.

On the signal, the driver hammers down, driving the F150 quickly off of the loading dock. The truck slams down and the suspension seems to do its job, as the half-ton Ford appears to come away from the jump unscathed. Mind you, making this same jump in a stock 1990s Ford F-150 would almost certainly break all sorts of suspension components, but this prerunner pickup rolls away smoothly – or so it seems.

After the driver climbs out, the camera shows the underside of the F-150, with fluid running from the rear differential. It looks as though the rear differential bottomed out and hit the pavement, cracking the case and allowing the fluid to drain out.

The video ends with the truck being towed away, reminding us that fun like truck-jumping – even with a specially prepared vehicle – can lead to broken parts.

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