Rough Ford Truck Trio Joins Forces to Create One Badass Ride

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Ford Truck

When rust threatens to destroy your ride, you take action. In this case, that means pulling parts from a trio of truck junkers to make it happen.

If you’re “lucky” enough to live in the rust belt, you already know the struggle. Salty roads and seemingly endless winters rot our precious trucks away in a slow, creeping death. But while most simply drive these rusty relics until they (quite literally) fall apart, Ford Truck Enthusiasts members are a different breed. They’ll do whatever it takes to piece their rides back together, no matter what. In the case of fstfox, that means taking a trio of derelict Ford truck junkers and turning them into one solid ride!

“I’ve finally found all the pieces I will need to pull this off, and I am now just beginning this project. I have had my 97′ Powerstroke for 10 years now. Living in New York, it’s getting pretty rusty. Most of the panels have been replaced, as you will see. Plus it’s a single cab and I have always wanted a crew cab. The plan for the new truck is going to be 7.3 with a ZF5, Rosewood stage II’s, T500, T4 mount with S366, 6″ skyjacker lift, 2WD to 4X4, etc. I’m taking a 2WD crew cab and putting it on a Super Duty frame with a flatbed.”

Talk about one heck of an ambitious project. But it’s pretty clear the OP is determined to make his Ford truck dream a reality. With a couple of wrecked trucks in his possession, work begins almost immediately. Starting with a Dana 60 score and subsequent axle teardown.

“Axle is all stripped down. I bought this product called Coroseal and I tried it on a spare housing I had. It’s a rust converter. It goes on foamy and is supposed to look black when done. I guess I’ll see later when I go back to the garage.”

Ford Truck

Next up was some more new parts, and a little engineering on one old one!

“Ordered all my intercooler piping and down pipe from Irate. But I couldn’t see spending $175 on an intake Y. So I modified my Super Duty one to work.”

The Dana 60 and hubs cleaned up nicely, and look like new with a fresh coat of paint. And as of right now, that’s where this ambitious Ford truck project stands. But we’re still in the early stages, which means there’s plenty more to come! Follow along as the OP builds the truck of his dreams by heading over here!

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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